Friday, September 19, 2008

I call you pha-real cause you're the truth.


I'm back! Holiday has been siqqq. I just finished my first 2 weeks of school which has been pretty okay, I hope I remember to take pics at school soon. AnyWHO, Lowlands was gnarly and NYC was really really awesome. I have a lot of pictures so I'll split them up in two posts:)

A Camping Flight to Lowlands Paradise;



me+lisa s.




anna who was still a little drunk ahaha


NYC '08

my mother at jfk, just after we arrived.

okay so our first stop was in NYC, where we stayed at the lovely Hudson Hotel. i would seriously recommend this hotel to anyone. it looks really cool, the service was good and so is the location.




sun, cigarettes and corona, all you need on vacation?

sky terrace again.

times square.

central park.


the statue of liberty obviously.
libararyyy in brooklyn, which i love.

columbus circle, near our hotel.

nice booots.


Then we left for Boston to meet up with la famille, this is the only picture of Boston i have for now;
i have no clue why i made a picture of the gap.

Next we went to Rockport.

it was the cutest town i've ever seen.

On our way to Hyannis

the ferry to martha's vineyard, btw i'd recommend anyone to take the fast ferry because the other one is slow as heeeeelll.

Dining at our hotel.

loved this hotellll.

And our last stop was back to NYC where we stayed in the Hilton hotel on 6th and celebrated my birthday.

new zippo


my hotel room


oh right, so you don't forget what i look like;

well that's all for today but I will update soon with better/more pictures. i'm going to the gym in an hour with fiona and then probably going out for diner later today. tomorow is Per Expressie, i guess that'll be fun. then going out tomorrow night and sleeping on sunday.

Au revoir et À bientôt!

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