Sunday, December 28, 2008

aha shake heart break.

words cannot explain how much i want this bag. this is the perfect bag for me, someday soon i'll make it mine.

so christmas has been okay.. i'm not too much of a christmas-person but it was good i guess. I spent christmas eve with Fiona in amsterdam, we ate our favorite dish at Ovidius, and I bought some cute stuff. Then christmas day I had to work, but I got to go home early because it was insanely quiet. I went to Midas and we watched The Girl Next Door which is the funniest movie ever. Then on boxing day we had a family-brunch, that was funny because Jigger, the new puppy, is crazy wild and likes to bite everything he sees, including my dad's glasses.

work tonight, boring boring. but i'm reallllly looking forward to new years eve! and fiona's party january third. i'll probably be dead january 4th. thank god for the holidays!

have a good one
xx paulina

word's spill from my drunken mouth, i just can't keep them all in.

Here are some pictures from my christmas and a few randoms from the holidays;

one of our christmas trees

Amsterdam with fiona


stuff in my room part 1

stuff in my room part 2

my new bike

my grandpa and i are true g's

new puppy


my neice


stuff in my bag.


mary-kate and ashley olsen.

huuuuge post.

I LOVE Alice Dellal's style.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the change in wind has changed our lives.

We had a falling-out, like lovers often will
And to think of how he left that night, it still brings me a chill
And though our separation, it pierced me to the heart
He still lives inside of me, we've never been apart.

if you see her say hello - bob dylan

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

those who claim that they're not showing off, are drowning in denial.

everyone is a fucking hypocrite, i wish people would realize that. stop living in denial.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i'm gonna run the risk of being free.

LPLA video schmideo by Luka;

glaciers melting in the dead of night.

I thought I was a fool for no one, but oh baby I'm a fool for you.

they're watching you from above.

I should be learning but i'm just to damn good at procrasinating :(

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