Sunday, December 28, 2008

aha shake heart break.

words cannot explain how much i want this bag. this is the perfect bag for me, someday soon i'll make it mine.

so christmas has been okay.. i'm not too much of a christmas-person but it was good i guess. I spent christmas eve with Fiona in amsterdam, we ate our favorite dish at Ovidius, and I bought some cute stuff. Then christmas day I had to work, but I got to go home early because it was insanely quiet. I went to Midas and we watched The Girl Next Door which is the funniest movie ever. Then on boxing day we had a family-brunch, that was funny because Jigger, the new puppy, is crazy wild and likes to bite everything he sees, including my dad's glasses.

work tonight, boring boring. but i'm reallllly looking forward to new years eve! and fiona's party january third. i'll probably be dead january 4th. thank god for the holidays!

have a good one
xx paulina

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