Sunday, January 18, 2009

muchos nachos

i suck at updating, i knowwww. i've been really busy with school and work and everything. i've been looking for an apartment which is v difficult but we'll find one eventually, i'm not going to settle for something gross haha. anywho, i had a gooood new years eve you know drunk, wham, getting other people kicked out, the usual.




and friday i went on a school-trip to a vacation-fair which had pretty much all countries and regions on the planet represented. it was hilarious. we got drunk at 10:30 in the morning:')

first shots of the day- 10:20, macedonia

tastes nice doesn't it hahah the best ones were the czech republic ones though

buffel baffers

mmm porkchops anyone?

kim and our friend the farao

awesome hats we had

twas a jolly fun day.

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