Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring is really setting in now, it's amazing how much a few rays of sun can do! I feel like sipping cocktails and tanning all day, sadly it's a little too cold for that, still. But just the fact that everything and everyone looks a little better with a bit of sun on it makes me want to get in the water and swim all day. Which remind me that I should buy a new bikini, something that I looove to go shopping for. I'm not sure if I should just buy one or order one online, as I hate walking around in a bikini everyone around me has.. Here are a few options I'm thinking about;

This would probably be a really good option because it combines my love for a splash of Leopard print and my love of bandeau tops. Not sure how I feel about the golden details though, maybe a little too flashy for my taste.

This one is also from Victoria's Secret, I love the color scheme and the fact it has a print but isn't too much of a good thing!

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