Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Uuuughhh I'm so pissed! My camera's giving me a hard time, one moment it works, one moment it doesn't. Not working with the plans I had. Guess I will continue trying to fix it and in the mean time entertain you with stories, pictures and maybe even some crappy pictures from my phone.

My weekend wasn't very exciting, started off with going to see a Nirvana coverband with Lisa, didn't think much of it but they were actually really good.. Then Charlot and me were supposed to go to Maluca but had a few problems with the guestlist so ended up roaming the streets of Amsterdam and sleeping early(for a friday night.) Saturday night we ended up playing video games then went to get a midnight burger(the best ones)and had a drink in the city with my brother. Yesterday I went to Walibi World (formerly Six Flags) with a few friends which was pretty fun except for the fact I stuffed my face with french fries and belgian waffles with whipped cream and then proceeded to go in every attraction four times in a row hahah, wasn't such a good plan after all.

This morning I've been pretty much lying in bed, reading a little bit, reading some blogs.. In an hour I'm meeting up Fiona and Maxime for lunch and then going tanning and to the movies with Max... What a good day!

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