Friday, July 30, 2010

Hola chicos/as! It's been a while! Right now I'm in bed, after a fun night with the girls yesterday. But I can't stay in bed forever, heading to work in an hour and a half. Tonight I'll probably just watch some TV and chill on the couch cause tomorrow I'm working again. Other than my crazy work schedule (7 days straight, a day off and another seven days straight) I'm doing just fine. The summerbreak hasn't been anything special so far. As every year we kicked it off with a little trip to the TT in Assen. Was definitely great to see how many more Lorenzo fans there were this year! But other than that I haven't done anything particularly exciting, just hanging around with friends really. I am going to London in August however which should be fun! And then hopefully making a little roadtrip to Munich to see Bayern play Real Madrid, gonna have to see if I can make that work out.

Anyway, I decided I'll just use Photobooth to make pictures for now - better than nothing, no? I really want to keep up with this blog but I keep getting annoyed or forget about it. Well, here it goes again.

So that you don't forget what I look like;

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